EA4HFV Weekend projects

Building a QFH antenna for NOAA and Meteor M2 satellites reception

During my pursuit of the best antenna for receiving NOAA/Meteor images (I already built a Double-Cross antenna and a Turnstile, check my older posts), I decided to try a QFH antenna. I have always been a bit scared by QFHs because of their difficult construction: if you want a good symmetrical and rsistant antenna, you ought to use sopper tubing... Read more

Modulating light Part 2: transmitting analog audio with LEDs

After the success of the first part of this project, where I achieved analog audio communication by applying amplitude modulation to a laser beam. On the last part of the post, I analised some of the improvements I could apply to the original design in order to improve its performance (better SNR with clearer audio and more range). In this secon... Read more

Using a Kinect 360 as a 3D scanner

So today I am doing something completely different to all the things I upload to this website. I found my old Kinect for the Xbox 360, and wondered whether I could connect it to a PC to do some crazy stuff. After searching some information in Google, I found what I just needed: it was possible to use it as a 3D scanner, so I decided to try it my... Read more